A joint-venture company

CTS is a joint venture company of five companies with an interest in the New Zealand market for exterior timber joinery, manufacturing windows and doors.

The incorporation of CTS in December 2007 was in response to changing legislation in the New Zealand building code with regard to Section H1 Energy Efficiency.

These changes became effective for all areas of New Zealand on 30 September 2008. New buildings and extensions to existing buildings have to achieve certain levels of insulation, retaining heat within the building, saving energy and providing for a healthy living environment.

With regard to exterior timber joinery the required level of insulation can be achieved by incorporating double glazing, which is a relatively new option to the New Zealand building industry. There was a need to establish 'best practice standards' for a new product range incorporating double glazing complying with the building code, in particular NZ Standard 4211.

NZS 4211:2008 is a performance based compliance standard, which means that window and door systems have to be tested in certified test booths for weather tightness and structural strength.

CTS is committed to design and test exterior timber joinery systems for the New Zealand building industry. The first official branded product range is nearing completion. Certified products are available today through the four CTS joinery companies. The branded product range will also be available through future licensed joinery manufacturers throughout New Zealand.

Contact us for general inquiries, quotes, or to register interest as a license holder info@ctsjoinery.co.nz